The Method

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We want you to spend LESS time thinking about food, not more. We want food to be a natural, yummy part of your day.

The method is based on six major principles designed to help you eat when you're hungry and stop eating when you are full.

You will lose weight if that's your goal. You will maintain your weight if that is what you're after. We will fix your blood pressure and blood sugar. More importantly, you will finally have a sense of peace and happiness around food.

Bye, Dieting. Hello, Food Freedom.

The Kim Shapira Method goes back to the basics. What is the point of food? To fuel our bodies when it is running low on gas.


Learning what is nutritionally necessary to charge your body and how to only eat when you feel hungry should be the goal. When we master those things, everything else falls into place too. You'll notice overeating and under-eating becoming a thing of the past.⁠

We don't do meal tracking and calorie counting because that kind of hyper-focus on diet is not healthy. Obsessing over health is not wellness. Your relationship with food should not be stressful.⁠