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Bye, Dieting. Hello, Food Freedom.

The Kim Shapira Method focuses on the basics of nutrition. The purpose of food is to provide fuel for our bodies (of course!).⁠

Since every body is different, learning how to eat when you're hungry and consume foods that make you thrive can have life-changing effects. Food is not entertainment or the enemy; it is fuel, and you should enjoy the food you consume without shame or regret. You should also strive for a body that makes you feel your best, and good health is your right. The KSM aims to rewire your values so that you can be free from worrying about your health, weight, and how to maintain them. Obsessing over health is not wellness, and your relationship with food should not be stressful.

Kim Shapira holding sliced apples
A drink with cherries and a slice of lemon

The KSM is based on Six Simple Rules that will help you lose weight, maintain your weight, and heal your relationship with food. Most importantly, the METHOD can help you attain a sense of peace and happiness around food, while healing your body.


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