Finding 7 Hours

We are continually busy. Wake up, make breakfast, maybe squeeze a workout in, head to work, be in constant meetings, run home, make dinner for the family, maybe work more, spend time with the kids, work more after they go to bed, then oh my gosh, where did the night go? 7 hours. 7 hours is less than most people's work days. But that's all I'm asking you to sleep!

Restoration Everyone's sleep need varies. Women need more sleep than men for instance. This is mainly due to our menstrual cycles and that a woman's brain works differently than a man's. But, even in the same gender, someone might only need 7 hours of sleep while someone might need 9 hours. You have to listen to your body on what amount of sleep is right for you. But, you need to aim for 7 hours as the minimum. 7 hours is less than one -third of the day. Think about how much our body does for us. It's constantly thinking, moving,an keeping us alive, and we don't even give it a third of the day to rest, restore, and recuperate. So, this week as you start to approach the evening, try and do some quick math. When do you have to go to bed to make it 7 hours straight? If you're following Nick Hubbard's weightloss journey with me, this is the hardest rule for him he says. It is for a lot of us. So know you're not alone, but your body will thank you in the present, but also in the future, for giving it adequate rest!