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Inner Health Starts With You

Kim Shapira and Rory Green
April 18, 2023
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We are all on a journey, for some it’s food, some its health, some it’s spiritually. When I am asked what does it mean to Eat What You Love(Rule #2)? I am really asking: why are you eating? Is it because it’s “healthy” or because you like the taste, did you see it trending on tik tok? Do you know most people don’t know what they love, they eat what they think they “should” eat.

Eating what you love requires you to honor yourself, your life, your surroundings, your upbringing and your body. The food we eat affects every cell in our body. Does the food you eat food love you back? It’s as if your body lets you know that permission was or was not granted.  I have mentioned  in multiple other blogs, that your body talks to you, it gives you signs. Do you pay attention? Our journey’s all run parallel with our inner and outer selves.

I invited Rory Green owner of Write To Be You to do a guest blog.

Rory is a tremendously creative writer who allows you the safe space to write your path to permission. It’s not that different than what I do, I think? I believe that my primary goal is to help you become your best self, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and medically. And Rory works within a similar method. We both want to encourage people to understand that your inner health starts with you, and a balanced lifestyle of sustainable wellness is achievable. Enjoy the journey, and I have shared her link for you.

I had the pleasure recently of facilitating a day retreat alongside Kim. Even though our offerings are very different, as I listened to her explain her six part method with such clarity and commitment, I realized that we both share the same intention for our clients... we want you to step into self-awareness,to start learning the true meaning of nourishment and to stop kicking yourself when you're down.

Through Write To Be You I work with groups and individuals to help reconnect you to your creative core, so you can learn the practice of deep listening to grow your intuition, share your story and discover how to befriend yourself in ways that are all too often elusive.

I passionately believe that self-compassion is the key to our creative freedoms. For many of us, our vicious inner critic has been working overtime since we were teens, and my intention is to help you convince her/him/them to take an extended vacay.

The negative, judgmental voices that we have come to believe as truth tellers do not belong to us. With some investigation, it becomes evident that these voices have been swallowed whole from our past and present experiences. They are a rowdy chorus of many who have taken up residence in our brains, including misguided messages from the ‘perfectionist’ culture that we’ve been saturated in for far too long.

One of Kim's rules is to Eat Only What You Love. None of us love's bitter and burnt... but we've been conditioned to gorge ourselves on comparison and endless feelings of needing to improve. There are no nutrients there.

Both Kim and I approach our work with compassion for ourselves and our clients and we aim to help you cultivate compassion for yourselves too. Once you begin to lay a new foundation, you can greet all of life's challenges with more ease, as you start to taste the true flavor of nourishment, both on the plate and on the page.

Thanks for sharing this with us Rory. For more information on Rory Green and Write To Be You please click here.

Kim Shapira and Rory Green

Kim Shapira

dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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