Why is it important to take a deep breath before you eat?

So, Why is it important to take a deep breath before you eat?

We spend 46.9% of our day on autopilot, and this affects our eating. My number one rule is to only eat when you are hungry, but when you eat on autopilot mode, it is easy to eat simply because it's "lunchtime" or "dinner time" - some sort of planned eating during your day - rather than because your body is hungry.

When we take a deep breath and create a little space between the thought to eat and the action to eat, it's easier to make more mindful decisions about whether or not we're actually hungry. Plus, taking a deep breath will free your mind from distractions so you can recognize when your body is telling you that you're full.

One of the best habits you could create when walking into the kitchen to grab some food is first taking a drink of water. After you take that drink of water, wait and see if your body is still telling you you're hungry. If your body still needs food, go eat something you love! But often when we think we are hungry, we actually just need some water.

So next time you find yourself heading to the kitchen, pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and have a glass of water. See if you're truly hungry or if you should wait a little while longer. Your body will thank you!

Until next time,

Kim Shapira