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Why Keeping A Food Journal(Wellness Tracker) Is Important

Kim Shapira
April 17, 2023
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Keeping a food journal means accountability and self control.

Have you ever tried a food journal? Do you know why we recommended them? Do you remember what you ate at last week’s Taco Tuesday? How did you feel after you ate the food? Were you bloated or tired or energized? Also, were you really hungry when you ate (Rule # 1)?  All these are great reasons to track your habits to benefit and maintain your personal weight goals. Notice the personal benefits to completing your journal:

·       Insight into your daily eating and drinking habits.

·       Helps pinpoint if you are emotional eating.

·       Logging in emotions and physical symptoms will showcase if you have food intolerances.

·       Catches your patterns.

·       Alerts you to your WINS!

Almost 80% of people who have lost weight, can't maintain it. I am so glad you are here. Because I am all about you maintaining what you lost, otherwise what is the point. We are here to improve you health, and your relationship with food for sustainable results. Aren't we?  Research shows that for people interested losing weight, a food log or journal helps change behaviors. And remember it's all about progress, not perfection. In one weight loss study of nearly 1,700, those who kept a daily log lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records. Behavior changes are the most consistent factor in people who have maintained their weight loss. Journals are a tool to help you see what is really happening.We have short term memories, we might love our food but we can't remember it.

Paying attention to our behaviors can help you change what isn't working. I always tell my clients to do the journals with my Six Simple Rules in mind:

1. The type of food you eat

2. The amount of food you eat

3. The timing of your meals

4. Any physical symptoms you experience

5. If you feel hungry or satisfied after eating

6. How you feel emotionally before and after eating

7. How much water are you really drinking each day

8. Other details like did you get in enough movement or sleep?

That is why I created this wellness tracker for my clients to use. And for a short time, I am sharing with my K S M Family. (Click here to download your 2 page copy today)

I will you all every success.



Kim Shapira

Kim Shapira

dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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