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Evo Roller

$ 39.00 USD

Evolve Your Deep Muscle Recovery
Standard foam rolling is great for recovery and relaxation, but what if there was an enhanced alternative that did all of that and more? EvoRoller is the next evolution in foam rolling technology (patent-pending). Along with being a regular foam roller, the EvoRoller also includes adjustable EvoFocus points that attach onto the roller.

EvoFocus Explained
The EvoFocus system was conceived as a way to customize your foam rolling on an ultra-precise targeting level. The interchangeable EvoFocus geometric points (the size of half of a lacrosse ball) allow for specific targeting of deep muscle tissue.

Slide the EvoFocus points along the built-in slot to make micro adjustments as needed. Unique twist-and-lock technology allows you to lock the EvoFocus points into place once you’ve placed them at your desired location.
For the times you need extra stability and leverage, place the included EvoFocus Stability Wedge behind the roller. The stability wedge helps keep the roller in place to provide leverage when focusing on a particular area.


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