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Magtein - Support Sleep

$ 75.99 USD
  • MAGTEIN-PATENTED FORMULA - Researched and developed by the original inventor of Magtein, this revolutionary formulation of Magnesum L-Threonate is superior in elevating brain Magnesium which supports improved memory, focus and overall brain health
  • MOST BIO-AVAILABLE FORM - Magtein has been engineered to ensure that more magnesium passes through the blood-brain barrier to increase energy, support healthy digestion, enhance quality of sleep and lessen fatigue
  • BETTER COGNITION - Magtein has been shown to significantly increase magnesium concentrations in the brain, improving learning capacity, short- and long-term memory, working memory and synaptic connections
  • IMPROVED STRESS RELIEF - Synergistic formula enhances well-being, relaxes the brain to release tension and relax your mind for a calming effect
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING - All Magceutics products are built on more than a decade of research. As the original inventors of Magtein and holding multiple global patents, Magceutics has established itself as the flagship provider of Magtein formulas
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - At cGMP facilities, our vegetarian capsules are certified Non-GMO, Kosher and do not contain gluten


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