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Kim Shapira M.S., R.D. Is a celebrity dietitian and nutrition therapist with two and a half decades of expertise under her belt, including work in hospitals, sports clinics, addiction centers, and universities.

Kim has a B.S. in Exercise Science and Kinesiology from Tulane University and an M.S. in Human Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition from Boston University.

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Number 1
Eat When Hungry
Start with your normal portion and wait 15 minutes to see if you are still hungry.
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Number 2
Eat What You Love
And more importantly, make sure the food loves you back.
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Number 3
Eat Without Distraction
We eat 4 reasons.
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Number 4
Get 10,000 Steps
Everyday get 10,000 steps the way you love to move.
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Number 5
Drink 8 Glasses
Drinking water is the natural way to detox.
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Number 6
Sleep 7 Hours
The average American gets 6.5 hours nightly.
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Learn to stay on top of your health, relationships, and nervous system.

This Is What You’re Really Hungry For

Quit your on-again, off-again relationship with dieting for good—and become healthier and happier than ever.

Dietitian Kim Shapira has developed six simple rules that will change your relationship with food forever. In This Is What You’re Really Hungry For, she breaks down the science to get your brain and your body on board; replaces fad diets that do not last with a sustainable method that encourages you to eat what you love; and empowers you to be the authority in your own body.​

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See what people are saying about the Kim Shapira Method:

"Kim Shapira was a lifesaver for my husband… at the young age of 55 he was diagnosed with heart disease and we were at a loss for where to turn.. we reached out to Kim and she was kind, informative and very very knowledgeable.. In a short period of time she set us on a course for a long healthy life!! If you need help with anything nutrition related she is an amazing choice! Thanks Kim we are forever grateful!!"

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Recent Client

“I learned to trust my body. It’s about the why not the what. I learned that a relationship with food is an actual relationship with our routines, rituals, history, assumptions — and our relationship with our bodies should be long, rich, not transactional. I learned what our relationship with food is a practice as important as mindfulness or meditation. I learned to replace guilt and shame with optimism and the belief I can change.”

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Recent Client

“Working with Kim has transformed me. Yes, she has six rules for losing weight, but it is so much more than that. She has empowered me to modify my relationship with food. In less than six months I lost 20 pounds. It has been a year and I haven’t gained it back. Kim is the reason.”

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Recent Client

“Kim Shapira has single-handedly changed my life. After seeing six different GI specialists at three different world-class medical centers over the course of seven years, dealing with a multitude of misdiagnoses and ER visits, I have been completely blown away by Kim’s treatment plan, which has left me feeling better than ever before.”

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Recent Client

“With Kim’s guidance I was able to differentiate when my body was actually hungry and needed food from the times I was simply eating out of habit. Eating when I’m truly hungry has eradicated my mid-afternoon crash, reduced my need for a caffeine fix and upped my overall energy level throughout the day.”

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Recent Client

“The KSM showed me how to live where I can eat everything in moderation and when I’m hungry. I truly believe that prior to learning the rules, I didn’t know what true hunger signals were. I would eat because of boredom and emotions. By learning to listen to my body and the signals it gives me I can now understand what I need and when I need it. The KSM gave me great tools at a young age to succeed in life.”

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Recent Client

“For me KSM rules helped me to slow down and think about when I am going to eat and why. To check in with my body and mind and start understanding what is motivating my behaviors and habits and how to break them, particularly when it comes to sugar.”

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Recent Client

“I was drawn to Kim’s system with specific rules of healthy living.  It’s no-nonsense and makes perfect sense. In fact, it’s likely how our parents/grandparents approached eating.  However, the layers of beliefs around eating throughout the years makes it a challenge.  Kim cuts through the misconceptions by questioning the faulty thinking or confirming the healthy thinking.”

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Recent Client

"I can't express enough how much your way of eating has impacted my life. From juggling eating disorders due to modeling from a young age, I must say even though my body isn't 100% where I would love for it to be, my mental headspace is the best it's been in years. My happiness was held hostage by my relationship with food on a daily basis, and it was honestly crippling."

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Recent Client

“If you are interested in learning about yourself and improving your relationship with food, Kim’s group is for you! Kim provides a safe, caring environment to work on self-care, positivity, body image and eating without shame. It is through her professional wisdom, personal life lessons, open personality, and sharing with other incredible women that makes this group so special and effective!”

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Recent Client
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