"I think the rule that resonated the most with me was “eat when you’re hungry.”


It seemed obvious to me at first, but when Kim encouraged me to closely pay attention to WHY I was eating, I realized it was almost always because of emotional reasons and not hunger.


I had to learn how to resist emotional urges to binge and almost re-learn what hunger felt like.


It was harder than I expected for something so seemingly intuitive, but with Kim’s help, I was able to listen to my body’s cues much better than before.


I’m still not perfect, but I’ve learned that perfection isn’t the goal.


The goal for me now is to maintain a much kinder and healthier relationship that I now have with my body, mind, and food."

— Maya

"With Kim’s guidance, I was able to differentiate when my body was actually hungry and needed food from the times I was simply eating out of habit.


Eating when I’m truly hungry has eradicated my mid-afternoon crash, reduced my need for a caffeine fix and upped my overall energy level throughout the day.


Kim’s philosophy isn’t restrictive, I was able to eat whatever I wanted.


But with her help, I understood the WHY of my eating and was able to make more purposeful choices, which allowed me to lose twelve pounds and return to my college weight."

— Dave

Lost 10 pounds, body fat 23% down to 18%. Learned to eat when he was hungry and put food as only 1 important place in his life. TV writer- sits all day, now active and progressing through the stages to constant growth. 

"I often think about you and how you set me on the path that I am on.  Since I was your client, I have completely changed my health and my life.  I rediscovered my love of running and became an avid marathoner. 


I am just about to run my 28th marathon race since January 2007 and qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:15.  Needless to say, quite different from the person you helped 6.5 years ago!


I have maintained a weight around 167 plus or minus 2-3 pounds for some time (down from the 210 where I started). 


Despite the stable weight, my body composition has changed dramatically and I am much more muscular than ever before as evidenced by the fact that my waist has continued to drop and is around a 29-30 now from 38 all of those years ago.


I remember that when I started with you, you showed me the picture of a client who dropped a significant amount of weight and became an athlete (runner I believe) and I thought that such a transformation was impossible. 


Funny how one's perspective changes!


Anyhow, with so many people gaining back their weight and losing focus over time, I thought that you would want to hear that for some people, you are able to act as a catalyst for a whole new life!"

— Jeremy


Maintained weight loss of 43 pounds and became a full athlete. He made his “impossible” possible. His son is currently my client. And has lost 20 pounds in 2.5 months. Following my rules at 85% on his worst day.

"In this time of reflection and gratitude, Kim comes to my mind.  With Kim’s insight and support, I have experienced in-depth learning about nutrition to the point of feeling what is good for my body. 


Explore, experiment, and have fun with your food choices. I took one food at a time to determine how my body reacted to it.  It’s fun and enlightening.  I’ll use Kim and her method for the rest of my life."

— Roxann

"Kim Shapira has single-handedly changed my life. After seeing six different GI specialists at three different world-class medical centers over the course of seven years, dealing with a multitude of misdiagnoses and ER visits, I have been completely blown away by Kim’s treatment plan, which has left me feeling better than ever before. Kim knows exactly where to focus, is amazingly articulate when it comes to “why” we are zooming in on any specific pattern or behavior, and has an absolutely impeccable attention to detail. Kim ensures I hold myself accountable to my dietary goals and digestive ambitions, and our sessions provide a perfect container for vulnerability and comfort without any air of judgment. Without Kim, I’d still be doubled over on the bathroom floor, wondering why, and having no clue how to get better. My only wish is that I got started sooner. Kim, you’re my superhero, and my stomach is no longer my enemy… he’s my sidekick."

— Spencer 

GI distress 20 plus years, without a proper diagnosis. Severely underweight due to GI issues. Doubled over pain and explosive diarrhea: 1 year later plus 20 pounds. Normal bowel movements daily.

"It's hard to pick a rule that impacted me the most - they are all so important! It's like asking me to pick my favorite dog. Once you are further along in the process, you really do begin to see not only how interconnected they all are, but also how each rule supports your optimal health and well being, physically and mentally. I think the one that blew my mind the most (and don't laugh!) was eat only when you are hungry. It sounds so simple, but I really wasn't listening to my body. Hunger isn't in your mouth or throat... it's in your stomach! I was feeding the wrong cues, and had to dig deep to understand why I was feeling the urge to eat despite my stomach not feeling hungry. This rule opened me up to a lot of what I had tried to bury deep down, never to be thought of again. Now I had to confront those negative feelings in a healthy manner, which also meant confronting them head-on, and was not comfortable for an eternal optimist like myself! 


I also love the rule to eat what you love! If you are a yo-yo dieter or binge eater, this rule, when combined with the rule to eat only when you are hungry, will set you free! It's amazing that how when you lift restrictions and labels, your body will know exactly what to do once your mind gets out of the way and you stop listening to diet culture."


Lost 30 plus pounds during a pandemic. Stopped weighing herself. So we can’t quantify the results. She no longer binges and food only takes one important place in her life- as nourishment.

"Kim Shapira was a lifesaver for my husband… at the young age of 55 he was diagnosed with heart disease and we were at loss for where to turn.. we reached out to Kim and she was kind, informative, and very very knowledgeable.. in a short period of time she set us on a course for a long healthy life!! If you need help with anything nutrition related she is an amazing choice! Thanks, Kim we are forever grateful!!"


TG was in the 500’s, and cholesterol was through the roof. Serious risk for a heart attack. We turned around his entire quality of life. Preventing a heart attack in under 3 months.

"I made an instant connect with Kim…important for this journey.  She made me feel comfortable and safe in sharing very personal details needed to make this process a success. Kim uses a perfect blend of data, spirituality and emotion when unraveling what is happening inside my head, heart and gut. She see trends in my weekly diary, and shocks me by pinpointing the anomaly and delivering logical, practical recommendations. Finally, with Kim, we aren’t focused on numbers, we focus on habits.  Sure we talk about pounds, body fat, water %, etc., as a tool, not a destination.


Kim Shapira Rocks

Steps, Water, gratitude, sleep

Results will happen"

— Nick

Multiple myeloma patient who lost 23 pounds since February and has cut down on sugar and other foods that make him ill. Improving all cardiovascular markers- by simply understanding why he eats and how food is affecting him.