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Excerpt from TIWYRHF: What is your WHY?

Kim Shapira
August 9, 2023
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What is Your WHY?

Here are excerpts from the book that I would normally ask my clients to answer. What is your why for contacting me? Hope you enjoy it!

What is your why for picking up this book? It sounds like a simple question with an obvious answer: “To lose weight, Kim. Duh.”

But why do you want to lose weight? You might say you want to look your best for a big upcoming event. Maybe a wedding or a trip. Maybe you want to lower your blood sugar or cholesterol. Maybe you want more super likes on Tinder(I’ve been married for a long time, so ignore me if that’s not a thing anymore). Short-term goals like these give you a good jump of motivation out of the starting gate, but rarely do they keep you going after you’ve lost the weight. They don’t provide you with a reason to keep going, so the habits you instill to get there don’t stick. Your why must be bigger than an event. It must be some- thing that will push you forward for years to come.

Everyone’s why is different, yet ultimately the same: for peace of mind and a better quality of life. That is what you’re really hungry for. And satisfying that hunger means getting back the power that food used to have over you.

Now, ask yourself why you chose that goal. To have more confidence? To feel good being yourself? Look at your past, your present, and where you want to be in your future. Your real why is your motivating factor when life throws you a curveball. Something you want on your lowest day when it is the hardest to stay on track. This is what you are really hungry for.

Take a moment and reconsider your why: ________________________________________________________________

Start by writing down your short-term goal: _____________________________________________________________

Understanding your why is like finding the match that keeps your flame lit.† You’ll gain confidence when you trade food anxiety for knowledge of what makes your body (not your friend’s body)feel its best. The more you make choices aligned with your body, the better you’ll feel, so it’ll become easy, even fun. I feel good about my decisions, and myself, when I make choices that align with my why. My why is to feel balanced, so I intentionally and consciously make choices in my day that make me feel that way. I am not perfect, and I make mistakes, but having this intention ensures I lead a more balanced life than if I did not try.

Think of your why like this: you’re on a journey with me, and you brought along a backpack full of rocks. These rocks are your traumas; they represent your diet baggage, the shame we feel about our food habits, weight, or lack of control. The backpack is heavy, and our journey is up a steep hill. It’s hard and you might want to

give up before we reach the top, but if a person you love was stranded at the top of the hill and needed you, I bet you would haul ass to get there, no matter how many rocks were in your backpack. We push past our limits when someone else is our why, but this time I want you to push out of love for yourself. You’re worth it.

Interested in more information? Get a copy of the book here.

Kim Shapira

Kim Shapira

dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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