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Feast on Joy, Fuel with Balance: Celebrate the holidays with kindness to your body.

Kim Shapira
December 25, 2023
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Feast on Joy, Fuel with Balance:

Celebrate the holidays with kindness to your body.

What if the gatherings, the parties, and the vacations were about the people, the places, and the experiences? Let’s shift our mindset: Here's the lowdown on rocking this week like the wellness warrior you are:

  • Food is fuel: Viewing food as fuel rather than entertainment helps shift your focus to nourishment and well-being for your body.
  • Eat when you're hungry while eating what you love: Listen to your body's cues, they are there (listen), they will come and food is still pleasurable because you are eating what you love rather than what someone else loves. This little rule will actually break the cycle of over and under-eating. And what’s better than breaking the cycle of feeling shame around food.
  • Eating without distraction: we all have emotions, in fact, we get new ones every 90 seconds. We can be emotional and be mindful that we aren’t hungry. It takes practice and trust. Remember your mind always needs to know you are safe. Any emotion can trigger our mind to suggest food is a good idea, and it is when you are hungry in your stomach not because your mind says so.
  • Moving 10,000 steps & drinking 64oz water: Being intentional and taking action every day is the key. We need to move. Move it like you mean it: Ditch the post-party slump and turn up the energy! Trade the calorie counting for a joyful 10,000-step strut. Blast holiday tunes (dancing counts as steps, too!), grab your besties, and make your walk the hottest party in town. Plus, you'll sleep like a champ after all that movement (Rule #4). How are you drinking water this holiday? a Stanley flask, with beautiful crystal, hydroflask, Mason jar- hot or cold? Make it a priority.
  • 7 hours of sleep: Adequate sleep is crucial for energy levels, mood, and overall well-being. We make better decisions when we sleep- it’s that simple. Prioritize your sleep. Ditch the late-night scrolling and prioritize those precious Zzzs.

Incorporating these strategies allows you to navigate any festive season with a balanced approach. You can have your cake (literally!), and still feel energized and healthy heading into the new year.

Here are some additional tips for mindful eating at holiday gatherings:

  • Fuel up beforehand: A snack before a party can help prevent overindulgence later.
  • Fill your plate with vegetables: Aim for at least half of your plate to be colorful vegetables🥦and fruits🥭
  • Scan the buffet/spread beforehand: Take a spoonful of foods you want to eat and eat those slowly. The buffet isn’t going anywhere- you can go back after 15 minutes for the foods you loved- if you are still hungry.
  • Savor and socialize: Slow down, chew thoroughly, and engage in conversations to avoid mindless munching.
  • Drink smart: Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or seltzer to stay hydrated and avoid excess calories. Staying hydrated keeps your energy levels high, your skin glowing, and your head happy. Think sparkling water with festive garnishes or herbal teas 🫖 for a touch of holiday cheer 🍸.

Ditch the holiday guilt and embrace the self-love revolution! Remember we are working on shifting your mindset to joy, connection, making memories, and not stressing about every bite or step. Focus on gratitude for your amazing body, celebrate your non-scale victories, and radiate confidence from the inside out. And, if this is all too much, you can use the 15-minute rule to take some time for yourself or create a little pick-me-up with some aromatherapy. 

Don’t forget, that consistency is the key. So, there you have it my K S M family! Your wellness manifesto – filled with festive fun, mindful choices, and a whole lot of self-love. And remember, it's not about restrictive diets or punishing workouts. It's about feeling your best, enjoying the season, and shining bright from the inside out. Now go forth and conquer, December warrior! 



Kim Shapira

Kim Shapira

dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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