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Kim Shapira
October 3, 2023
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Revisit A Semaglutide Weightloss Conversation w/ Jenny Hutt & Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi

I wanted to bring back this older conversation from February 14, 2023, with Jenny Hutt and OBGYN, Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi. Listen to us talk about Dr. Aliabadi’s journey to help those with PCOS, insulin resistance, and weight loss. Why Trimly was created and its success stories.

Semaglutides are everywhere and folks, I think they are here to stay!

Did you ever wonder how I got involved in supporting Trimly? As you know, I am all about making changes that will help each person sustain their weight loss journey. We need to be thinking big picture, and long-term health.  Semaglutides have been amazing for so many people, and I am excited to continue to support people in making lifestyle changes that ensure a smooth transition off the medications. The six simple rules that I always refer to,are non-negotiable in losing weight and changing your relationship with food so weight maintenance is just normal.

Enjoy the conversation.

As always, I am here to help and answer your questions.



Kim Shapira

Kim Shapira

dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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