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Thanksgiving Is Here

Kim Shapira
April 17, 2023
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Let’s PREP and get mindful so we can have fun and feel empowered through this amazing holiday.

We can focus on the food or we can focus on the people around us. I choose the people. How can you make this day about so much more than the delicious food. Here is how to incorporate my SIX SIMPLE RULES: make a plan, set an intention and follow through. Your next-day self will appreciate it.


Yes, it smells good, and yes the food seems like such a good idea. But it’s not your last meal and you can even eat it again tomorrow, I know, I will be.

First: be hungry. If you know you are eating at 4 p.m. let yourself get hungry, but not so hungry you feel out of control.

Second: Let yourself go back for more. Start with a small amount of food, like tasters/or samplers. And then allow yourself to go back for what you really want. Or maybe make a plate for tomorrow.

Some tips I use: Aromatherapy, really helps you get grounded. This is great to assist putting your mind in your body so you can really make sure you are hungry. If you aren’t hungry, wait until you are. I love Mood Boost, I have always recommended aromatherapy- that’s why I made my own. I think you will love it, too. And this is the perfect occasion to use it, chaos, loud family members, a ton of food- all equal high energy. Make sure your mind is in your body.

Are you looking forward to dessert, know it’s coming and save room.

There will be dessert…… be hungry for it and start small. If you aren’t hungry when dessert is being served - hold off a little, go for a little walk, come back to it. It’s not going anywhere.

Enjoy the food the in your mouth, stay present. Enjoy


I know this is scary, but this is Thanksgiving and triggers are everywhere. So please trust me on this one. Your day will go so much smoother with this rule: Eat What You Love, but make sure you are hungry when you eat and start with a small first plate. I love pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole, my mouth is watering, that’s what I plan on eating. I don’t really love stuffing, I will leave that for someone who does love it. What I see happen so often is that people eat what they don’t love, because they think they should, plus the foods they want anyway and this is where we get in trouble with weight gain. Eat what you love.


It can be so difficult to eat without distraction because distractions are literally everywhere. Notifications on your phone, your favorite reality tv show, or your toddler creating a mess, the smell of warm apple pie, Uncle Jim making jokes at the other end of the table- you get the idea. So don’t forget your intentions, and the plan you had at the beginning. Eat when you are hungry, start with less, go back for more and eat only food you love. Check in with yourself often, what does your next-day self need you to do.

4. GET 10,000 STEPS

Struggling to get 10,000 steps in everyday? Plan a walk and even grab a family member, this is great to do once or even a couple of times! Not only that, plan a family football game, you are getting the idea- make it a family affair and part of your day.


Did you know you should drink at least eight glasses of water daily? Well if you know me, you know you should.  That word should is very controlling- but this one is really not negotiable, so let’s strategize.

Make a plan:

Drink 2 cups before 10:30 a.m.

Drink 1-2 cups at lunch

Drink 1-2 before 4:40 p.m.

And finish it off by drinking 1-2 by the end of your last meal.

Boom- you did it!



Let’s not forget our sleep routines- sleep is also not negotiable, but sometimes we stay up a little later than usual. That is normal and okay, but you will feel the effects of one hour of sleep loss and it may take four days to recover- the key here is to not look for any external objects to solve your fatigue (like caffeine or chocolate).

Additional ideas to try

Don't forget that Mood Boost and FUNKKOFF! are also great products to help with fighting holiday cravings!

MOOD BOOST is an aromatherapy essential oil for helping you stay grounded when making choices while eating and resist food you aren’t hungry for.

The minty flavor of FUNKKOFF! will help you just like MOOD BOOST. And you get the benefits of healthy gums while refreshing your breath. PLUS it helps whiten teeth which is also cool!

P.S. Try out our support group!

If you want a way to get support and connect with other people looking to live a healthy lifestyle, join one of our small support groups in November. We will be meeting for a few weeks to help build your strength and connect with others who are on a similar journey. Be on the lookout for new groups starting in January, grab a friend and do it together.

Kim Shapira

Kim Shapira

dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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