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This Is What You're Really Hungry For

Kim Shapira
July 16, 2023
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I am going to share a bit of a story here

I am so grateful to help people heal their relationship with food (so they can find peace in their health). And now, I get this opportunity to reach many more people. Thank you for your continued support and belief in me and my method. My book, This Is What You're Really Hungry For, is coming July 25th.  I have less than 10 days til pub day. OMG!  Yikes! I am so excited.

I have lots of exciting things in the works, I am pinching myself every day.

I am excited to share the sweetest foreword from a long-time, well-respected client, award-winning actress Kaley Cuoco, and this is so appreciated. In addition, I had so many amazing colleagues and clients offer beautiful blurbs. My heart is so full.

I wanted to share a few kind blurbs from the book:

“Kim’s very simple yet effective method has helped me maintain a healthy relationship with food for over ten years. After three pregnancies and many pounds to lose there after, I can confidently say that Kim’s tips and tricks are an extremely effective way to see results as well as calm your mind when it comes to health.”

—Marla Sokoloff, actor, director, and mom of three girls

“Kim’s approach to food and eating is fresh and modern. Her focus on creating positive habits versus counting calories or following a restrictive diet is something that appeals to me as a doctor. Getting people to understand why their approach and relationship with food is stressed is Kim’s specialty and she does a brilliant job of breaking down tricky topics. This is What You’re Really Hungry For is an actionable guide that will inspire adults and teens to adopt a healthier mindset around food and eating.”

—Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi, physician, surgeon, and founder of Trimly

“As a fitness professional for over 15 years, it’s unusual to read any truly ground-breaking approaches to eating. This Is What You’re Really Hungry For does that starting on page one and keeps challenging everything we’ve been taught to believe about ‘diet.’ I wish everyone would throw out their scale and read this instead!”

—Amy Jordan, founder and CEO of WundaBar Pilates and WundaCore

Here are just a few nuggets you will take away from reading it:

● How to identify wins for yourself and celebrate small victories 

● How to be an authority in your own body and partner with yourself 

● What the six rules are and how to apply them to your everyday living and food journey

● How to connect your emotional patterns to the ways you eat, be more grounded when the urge to eat arises, and manage feelings and emotions in a healthier way (free of fear, obesity, and disease) 

● How to answer the question of why: why is changing your relationship to food important to you (to lose weight, to be more confident, to lower blood sugar, etc.) 

● The real reasons behind why we eat (and it’s not only because we’re hungry) and what drives your beliefs about food 

● How to have a healthy relationship with all kinds of food—healthy and unhealthy 

● Tips for facing challenging food habits like cravings, food triggers, distracted eating, and food temptations by becoming mindful about it 

● Why having Lucky Charms (or anything you love) can be the healthy choice 

● What to do when eating what you love makes you sick 

● Using a wellness wheel to connect to a balanced lifestyle and keep your focus on progress

● The science behind what happens inside your body when you eat food, why we need to drink more water and get seven hours of sleep (and what happens when you don’t) 

● How getting 10,000 steps can help you in your food journey and tips for creatively meeting that goal 

● Real stories of people struggling with their food journey and how they changed their relationship with food to create a positive outcome 

I can’t wait to hear what you think and how the actionable steps are changing your life.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.



Kim Shapira

Kim Shapira

dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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